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News & Events


►1/16/17 - It's your money. Keep more of it with Turbo Tax®. It provides step-by-step help to make sure that everything is done right and ensure that you get your maximum refund. APCI FCU members can now prepare, print and e-file federal tax returns with Turbo Tax...Learn More.

►12/14/16 - Let your voice be heard - and you could be one of 25 to win* a $25 Visa® Gift Card! What NUMBER ONE Product or Service would you like APCI FCU to consider offering to our Members? Please submit your response online or return the survey to be mailed to you by 2/1/17...*Learn More.

►12/14/16 - CU Magic Minute Winner: Congratulations to Jane Stortz of Emmaus, PA! She was selected at random in the Credit Union Magic Minute promotion held recently...Learn More.

►12/1/16 - PAYMENT ORDER OF ITEMS - When processing items (such as ACH and checks or drafts) drawn on your account, our policy is to pay items in lowest amount to highest amount. By paying lower amounts first, we believe our payment policy minimizes the number of items that may result in NSF fees. We encourage you to keep careful records and practice good account management.

►11/4/16 - The Co-Op ATM Network has announced the following changes for members effective December 31, 2016:

  • 7-Eleven ATMs will no longer accept cash deposits
  • Walgreens ATMs will no longer be surcharge-free in the state of Florida
    • Please contact us if you have any question regarding these changes. Remember to use our ATM Locators to find the closest surcharge-free ATM to your location.

 ►9/8/16 - Lehigh Valley credit unions' report text message scam...Learn More.

►9/2/16 - We have received reports that members using Apple products such as iPhone, iPad, and iMac may experience issues navigating around the MasterCard® site within APCIRCUIT®. Until this can be remedied, members can still view balance information. We recommend using the Funds Transfer feature in APCIRCUIT to make a payment from your shares to your MasterCard. Please contact us if you have any questions.

►8/1/16 - We are proud to introduce enhancements to our products and services to better serve, you, our members. When you elect to use our APCI eCU suite of electronic banking services you will immediately experience the convenience and time saved. Please review our How to Guides and Demos to help you get acquainted with our new and enhanced services...Learn More.