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APCIRCUIT® Users: When logging in to APCIRCUIT for the first time after the upgrade, enter your existing six digit member number (include leading zeros) in the APCIRCUIT ID box and click "Continue." Click here for instructions on how to log in to APCIRCUIT® after the upgrade.
When you elect to use our new APCI eCU suite of electronic banking services you will immediately experience the convenience and time saved. Please click here to review our How to Guides and Demos to help you get acquainted with our new and enhanced services.

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September Rates

Our Credit Union Pricing Committee met on 8/17/16. As of 9/1/16 at 8:00 am ET, our share, share certificate and loan rates will remain unchanged.

Please note that our Home Equity Line of Credit & Fast Cash rates are variable rate programs which may change on the first day of any month.