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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about membership, or a product or service? Please select from the categories below to find answers to many commonly asked questions.

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Yes. Mastercard has required US issuers to participate in its account updater...    [Read More]
No. Merchants are not required to participate in this service.
Yes. If you are a Mastercard credit cardholder and would like to elect not to...    [Read More]
If you have recurring payments set up with a specific merchant(s) on an account...    [Read More]
Yes. Please fill out the Mastercard Automatic Billing Updater Service Status...    [Read More]
The file is sent nightly; however, how quickly a merchant receives the updated...    [Read More]
Yes, all cardholders can select their own PIN. The primary cardholder's...    [Read More]
No, our Mastercard® credit cards and Visa® debit cards are contact smart...    [Read More]
Our Mastercard® does not have an annual fee, a balance transfer fee, a...    [Read More]
To change your PIN, please call (888) 886-0083. Be prepared with the primary...    [Read More]
Click here to review your options and register for Mastercard® Consumer...    [Read More]
If you are unsure, the safest approach is to call the customer service number...    [Read More]
Mastercard® Consumer Alerts are custom account notifications which are available...    [Read More]
Please call (888) 886-0083 in order to reset your Mastercard® credit card...    [Read More]
EMV cards, also known as "chip cards," contain a microchip embedded...    [Read More]
With Mastercard® Consumer Alerts, know when: Purchases are made over...    [Read More]
If your APCI FCU Mastercard® is lost or stolen, please call our 24 hour...    [Read More]
Your card has a personal identification number (PIN) in order to provide you...    [Read More]
EMV/Chip Card technology helps to prevent the counterfeiting...    [Read More]